Motion Design mostly appears on Video or Film. In the future and we can start to see it nowadays, Motion Design implemented in many different platform. For instance in exhibits and advertising. Motion Design is great for creating a powerful explainer video. This is an effective way as concept support to help the viewer visualize it in a way a presentation can’t.


I’ve been working as a filmmaker for more than 10 years. Instead of being just being a content maker, I also interested in what my clients perceived. What your business problem, and how to achieve your goals. Excellent film production can be significantly increasing your company appearance on search engine and exponentially affected your business.


Smartphone technology is being jumped on the next level, and we can be able to shoot an awesome picture with our built-in smartphone camera. But editing works is sometimes overlooked. In this particular process, we could almost "rewrite" the story, put proper animation, and the critical part is a communicable message. I provide a professional service as a Film/Video editor for anyone who loves to capture their own picture and willing to have and great result edited video.


You cannot understand good design if you do not understand people.

Dieter Rams